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The Business of Meetings

Apr 14, 2020

While we’re all currently facing unprecedented circumstances, there is still levity, humor, and hope to be found in our day-to-day lives. Today’s guest, Michael Dominguez, is the President & CEO at Associated Luxury Hotels International and is actively involved in leadership roles in the Meetings and Events Industry. Michael has an abundance of valuable insight and has been recognized for numerous honors within our industry. 

In this conversation, Michael reveals how we can overcome stress and look to the future during an economic downturn, as well as ways to make sure your business is well covered and well protected. Michael and Eric discuss the importance of framing information and what they predict the recovery from the current COVID-19 pandemic is going to look like. Join Eric Rozenberg in this knowledgeable conversation with Michael to hear more about how you can keep you and your business safe. 


Show Highlights: 

  • What recovery from our self-induced downturn will look like 
  • Michael shares why we should shift our perspective of stress in business  
  • The importance of finding balance and blocking out unnecessary noise 
  • During unprecedented times we should take initiative to support and learn together
  • How to know whether to listen to your gut or data 
  • Being a leader means putting the organization first and not worrying about being liked
  • Michael shares what he thinks the transition back into the office after this pandemic subsides is going to look like 
  • How social media has distorted information 
  • How our current pandemic can connect and bring people together 
  • What should independent business owners be focusing on now 
  • Now is the time to look forward and be prepared for the future 



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