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The Business of Meetings

Apr 28, 2020

I’m speaking to an amazing entrepreneur today! Greg Habstritt knows what it takes to organize extraordinary events. He has been one of the top entrepreneurs in Canada for many years. He has built several businesses, two of which were in the top 100 fast-growing companies in Canada. 

Greg does many different types of businesses. He is a speaker, he has done training, and he’s in real estate. He is always ready and willing to share his knowledge, and help people. When the Covid crisis started, and we needed to react quickly, Greg was willing to participate in our popular Independent Business Owners: You’re Not Alone webinars. He has many gold nuggets of information to share in today’s show. 

Greg dropped out of university when he was twenty-one, to start his first business. Since then, he has been in a wide range of different industries. As live events have always been a big part of what he has been doing, he became a professional speaker. He traveled a lot, speaking on different stages, and he started doing his own live events in 2000. 

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