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The Business of Meetings

Oct 3, 2023

The Business of Meetings – Episode 186 - A New Approach to Online Marketing with Nicholas Kusmich

We are delighted to have Nicholas Kusmich back on the show today!

Nicholas is truly phenomenal! He is a seasoned expert in Facebook advertising and online marketing. He describes his role as one who helps information entrepreneurs scale their revenue and attract more clients effortlessly through fun marketing that does not suck! 

In today’s conversation, we dive into business strategies, exploring ways to position our businesses most effectively. Nicholas explains how he operates as a professional marketer, tells inspiring stories, and shares insights into the profound lessons we can learn from unexpected challenges in life, like the harrowing experience he faced with his family during the Kelowna fire. 

Join us as we engage in an enlightening and insightful discussion with Nicholas Kusmich, delving into the wellspring of wisdom and resilience he brings to his professional endeavors and personal life. We trust our conversation will leave you energized and inspired!


Nicholas Kusmich, Founder of the H2H Media Group, is best known as a Leading Digital Advertising Strategist, and for having the highest ROIs in the industry (up to 30,973.32%).

Working with A-List clients, including top thought-leaders, NYT Best Selling Authors, Top Inc 500, and fast-growth companies, he creates advertising campaigns that don’t suck and allows you to generate qualified leads without a funnel. 

A Journey Fueled by a Desire to Help Others

For all his life, Nicholas has been driven by a calling to help others and positively impact the world. His journey began with a religious experience during junior high school that significantly shaped his perspective on life and led him into the field of ministry. At nineteen, he was ordained as a minister, started a church, and spent fourteen years as a pastor. However, there were certain things he did not like about traditional religious institutions and he did not want to continue taking a salary from the church as his primary source of income. So he started a side hustle doing internet marketing to cover his expenses. He eventually left the church to work full-time with internet marketing and online advertising.

Positioning Yourself as a Category King or Queen

If you want to position your business as a category king or queen, you must distinguish it in the market rather than compare it with your competitors' businesses. Nicholas explains that being different can have more power in the market than striving to be better than others. That's why business owners should address their unique customer needs and problems and educate the market to recognize their distinctiveness.

Understanding the Why Before Going Online 

Nicholas explains that not everyone needs an online presence, and business owners should avoid following trends blindly or giving in to marketing pressure. Before they start the process of creating an online presence, business owners must consider whether or not they genuinely need one. They should also understand why they want an online presence and know their desired outcomes. That approach involves asking a series of questions to unearth their true motivation for seeking an online presence. 

Selecting the Right Partner 

When selecting the right partner for building an online presence in a competitive digital landscape, Nicholas recommends focusing on the who rather than the how. He suggests that businesses identify individuals or businesses that have been successful in their specific industry and have a proven track record of delivering results. He emphasizes the importance of asking for references from current and past clients to gain insights into working relationships, potential challenges, and overall satisfaction.

Positioning in a Crowded Digital World 

Establishing a strong online presence in today's competitive digital world can be challenging. Nicholas advises business owners to position themselves as an industry leader or category king by offering something unique and different from their competitors. He emphasizes the importance of understanding human behavior and psychology and suggests that businesses should focus on fundamentals rather than being overwhelmed by rapidly changing algorithms and technologies. When crafting their online presence, business owners should always prioritize human interactions and the psychology of their target audience.

Educating the Market and Defining Problems 

Nicholas uses examples like Uber and Netflix to illustrate how businesses can redefine their industries by addressing unmet needs and educating the market. He highlights the power of identifying problems customers may not know about and then offering a solution. That approach involves businesses educating customers about such problems and explaining how their unique offering addresses them. Successful positioning requires business owners to think beyond competing on price or value. Instead, they should focus on delivering a unique and valuable customer experience.

Facing Disruption by Creating a New Category 

By marketing existing problems, businesses can become industry leaders without directly advertising their products or services. Nicholas uses the example of Netflix to emphasize how category kings or queens present an existing problem in a new light, prompting customers to realize previously unaddressed issues. That strategy challenged the status quo and positioned them as innovators.

Challenging the Conventional Sales Funnel 

Nicholas advocates for rethinking marketing strategies and targeting the right audience by presenting unique solutions that resonate with potential customers and challenge conventional marketing wisdom. He questions the effectiveness of traditional sales funnels, explaining that funnels often slow the buying process by attracting seekers of information rather than solution seekers. For that reason, premium prospects and those who value their time when seeking solutions may find funnels unappealing. 

Authenticity and Community in the Face of Adversity 

Nicholas shares his experience of evacuating his home during a wildfire in Kelowna. In prioritizing his relationships over material possessions, he found a deeper appreciation for life. He emphasizes the importance of focusing on what truly matters when facing adversity and highlights the power of community and mutual support in times of crisis. 


The unique insights Nicholas shares today challenge traditional marketing approaches and highlight the importance of creating a new category to resonate with those seeking innovation and authenticity in their business strategies.

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