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The Business of Meetings

Oct 24, 2023

The Business of Meetings – Episode 189 – Empowering Women and Heart-Centered Leadership with Suzette Bravo 

We are delighted to have Suzette Bravo joining us on the show today! 

Suzette is an empowerment coach dedicated to helping women and young ladies journey toward self-discovery and personal growth. With a passion for nurturing heart-centered leadership, she guides individuals to unlock their inner potential and embrace authenticity and self-love as the cornerstones of their success. She is also an accomplished author and host of the inspiring new podcast, Bravo Unscripted

Today’s conversation encompasses a wide range of topics, from personal growth and mental health awareness to the power of sharing stories and supporting women and girls through meaningful organizations.

We hope you will enjoy listening to our conversation with Suzette Bravo. Stay tuned as we explore her insights and wisdom!


Suzette Bravo stands at the intersection of heart-centered leadership and deep personal empowerment. As an Empowerment Coach, keynote speaker, accomplished author, and the spirited voice behind the Bravo Unscripted podcast, she is deeply committed to helping women leaders forge meaningful connections, both with themselves and with those they inspire. Drawing from her personal journey and the resilience she cultivated along the way, Suzette's coaching has been a guiding light for many, steering them toward a place of authentic leadership and genuine self-love.

Holding distinctions as an Elementum Certified Master Coach and a John Maxwell Certified Coach and Speaker, Suzette's holistic approach combines elements of self-leadership, confidence cultivation, and self-love. With over 25 years of invaluable experience in leadership and team-building, her credentials are backed by numerous coaching certifications, a degree in Business and Psychology, and deep expertise in mindset optimization, gut-brain health, and resilience-building. Committed to continuous growth, she is currently immersed in studying leadership psychology at Cornell University.

Behind the microphone, she hosts "Bravo Unscripted," a podcast that celebrates everyday heroes with extraordinary experiences. As an author, she has contributed to "Activate Your Life" and the bestselling book “BECOMING YOU,” where she shares insights alongside other esteemed coaches.

A nationally recognized authority, Suzette explores themes such as Heart-Centered Leadership, Resilience, Authenticity, and Self-Love. Beyond coaching, she mentors teenage girls through the "Women of Tomorrow" initiative and serves as the esteemed Vice Chair of the Board of Directors for the PACE Center for Girls.

Suzette's mission remains steadfast: to empower accomplished women leaders, helping them recognize and harness their innate strengths and potential. She aims to nurture a deep sense of self-worth and confidence, allowing these leaders to elevate their impact and inspire their teams. Always cheering from the sidelines, Suzette is devoted to supporting individuals as they craft extraordinary lives brimming with purpose and passion.

Suzette’s journey

Suzette's transformative journey and her current work with women and girls stem from a deeply personal place. Having faced significant childhood trauma and struggled through high school and early adult years, she sees herself as a supporter of the woman and girl she used to be. Despite her tumultuous past, she managed to graduate high school on time, leading what appeared to be a well-functioning life. However, when her husband was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor in 2013 and passed away just eight days later, her world was shattered. That devastating loss forced her to confront the buried traumas of her past, leading to a profound healing journey. She embarked on a path of self-development and therapy, gradually shedding the I'm not good enough mindset she previously held. Through vulnerability and sharing her story with other women, she discovered the power of connection and healing. That realization led her to become an empowerment coach, focusing on supporting women and girls during their formative years to prevent the accumulation of toxic behaviors over time. 

Suzette's journey demonstrates that within our stories and shared experiences, beautiful gifts and profound healing are waiting to be discovered.

The Power of Taking Action 

Suzette acknowledges the resistance she faced before when taking action. She explains that formulating ideas is necessary, but the real answers usually only emerge after action gets taken because that allows us to see how things unfold. Helping others and actively engaging in tasks can also be powerful ways to overcome difficulties and find a sense of purpose.

Vulnerability and Mental Health Awareness

Discussing vulnerability has become more accepted recently, but that has not always been the case. The power of having open conversations about mental health, seeking help when needed, and having a space where it is okay not to be okay should never be underestimated. 


It is essential to recognize loneliness as another significant mental health concern. 


Suzette emphasizes the crucial role self-love plays in our ability to achieve goals and make sound decisions. Self-love can prevent self-sabotage and help us lead more fulfilling lives. 

Catharsis Through Writing and Sharing Personal Stories

Writing about traumatic experiences that happened in the past can be a cathartic process because it helps us to heal and gain a new perspective. Suzette participated in a collaborative book project and wrote a book, soon to be launched, where she delves into her personal journey and all the lessons she learned.

The Bravo Unscripted Podcast 

Suzette is excited about all the meaningful conversations she will have on her podcast, Bravo Unscripted. She will be featuring a diverse range of guests and their inspiring stories on the podcast, which focuses on connecting people and creating a movement where the shared stories and experiences of individuals can contribute to the healing and personal growth of others.

Organizations Supporting Women and Young Ladies

Suzette is involved with two organizations dedicated to empowering women and young girls. The PACE Center for Girls is an alternative school and counseling center in Florida, and Women of Tomorrow is an organization providing mentoring to high school girls. Both organizations focus on helping girls overcome challenges, find their greatness, and succeed in life.

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