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The Business of Meetings

Nov 14, 2023

We are delighted to introduce the multi-talented Nir Zavaro as our guest on today’s episode! 

After running his own agency, Nir decided to shift his business and go into teaching. With a multifaceted background working for various companies in sales, business development, novel writing, and teaching thousands of students, he has become an expert in communication and marketing. He is now launching his latest book, F*ck the Slides, which is about the art of storytelling and its persuasive power.

Nir is a master of storytelling, marketing, and communication. He joins us today to discuss his new book and share his business insights. 


Nir Zavaro is an entrepreneur, author, and speaker. He regularly tours the world and has a mission to help as many people as possible become better storytellers. Using his experience, storytelling fundamentals, and methods, he brings a fresh perspective on how to implement these into businesses, working with founders and CEOs in over 30 countries. 

After a career in the retail industry serving in various roles, Nir founded Streetwise Creative Sales Agency specializing in outsourced marketing services. Founded in 2011, the company has worked with hundreds of brands. 

Teaching is a major part of his passion. Since 2014, he has been a resident lecturer in leading universities and colleges, teaching regular courses about branding and marketing and new venture creation and sharing the concept of F*ck the Slides. He gives his time mentoring in several hubs and accelerators, helping companies improve their story, brand messaging, pitch decks, and marketing tactics. With two novels under his belt, F*ck the Slides is his third book, and the plan is to keep publishing many more, both novels and self-help books. 

Nir has been involved in several businesses, from online to partner in several successful food and beverage businesses. Today, he sits on the advisory board for startups, supporting their brand and marketing efforts. He is meeting with entrepreneurs all over the world with his workshops about storytelling, branding, marketing, and sales. He has worked with Microsoft, Unilever, EO, Tech stars, and many others, helping them craft a better story.

Nir’s Journey

Nir's journey has been a blend of learning and teaching. As an avid reader, he thrives on acquiring new knowledge, believing in its transformative power. Over the past decade, he has shared his wisdom as an educator in universities and colleges. His book, F the Slides, conveys his two-year journey of refining his thinking. Nir published his book to empower people to learn independently, and it became a number one best-seller on Amazon for meetings and presentations. Even though he is not allowed to promote the book, he remains steadfast in his mission, driven by his belief in the value of his methodology, choosing to focus on being a product and marketing expert rather than a self-promoter. 

The Power of Words and Emotions

In the dynamics of language, the perceptions of some words can vary across cultures. Strong or profane words, in particular, carry different connotations in various parts of the world, eliciting diverse reactions when public figures use them. Nir emphasizes the importance of choosing words carefully to evoke emotions and capture the attention of an audience.

Storytelling as a Skill

Nir leveraged his journey of teaching startups to tell compelling stories and develop his concept of a trailer pitch. A trailer pitch is a concise three-minute presentation designed to ignite the curiosity and interest of an audience. Nir highlights the importance of preparing a powerful narrative to make an emotional impact while using visuals and keywords as effectively as possible. He compares the limitations of the traditional approach of bombarding presentations with information with the power of telling a well-crafted and enthralling story.

From Startup Pitches to Keynote Presentations

Nir’s methodology can be applied to many different presentation scenarios, including startup pitches, corporate meetings, and keynote presentations. He stresses the value of having a well-structured story and eliciting emotional audience resonance within all those contexts. He also highlights the importance of practicing and adapting to different presentation lengths.

Connecting and Sharing through Language

Nir explains that the power of storytelling goes beyond professional presentations and extends to everyday conversations, sales meetings, and more. He emphasizes the importance of creating an emotional connection with the audience, whether it is a potential investor, a class of students, or a large crowd at a keynote event. He encourages individuals to develop their storytelling skills because it enables them to inspire others while engaging with them.

In Conclusion

Nir highlights the profound impact words and storytelling have in communication and calls attention to the practical application of storytelling as a vital skill in various presentation contexts. The overarching theme throughout today's conversation is that words, when wielded effectively, can elicit emotions and make a lasting impression on the audience, ultimately influencing the success of any pitch or presentation.

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