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The Business of Meetings

Jan 2, 2024

The Business of Meetings – Episode 199 - Tech and Israel Advocacy: A Conversation with Hillel Fuld

We are honored today to engage in a discussion with the extraordinary Hillel Fuld! 

Hillel is a tech journalist, technology expert, and startup marketer who has been instrumental in transforming Israel from a startup to a scale-up nation. Forbes has named him Israel’s top marketer. 

Since October 7th, Hillel has become a prominent voice, channeling his energy, time, and network toward advocating for Israel. With a social media presence reaching over 250 million people, his tweets are a powerful vehicle for his activism.

Stay tuned to hear Hillel's views on tech, AI, and the current situation in Israel.

Hillel’s Journey

Originally from New York, Hillel moved to Israel as a child. He developed a passion for technology long before it gained widespread popularity. He decided to start writing after he became bored with his first job, even though it was not a business-generating venture. Inspired by his insights, entrepreneurs began seeking his help, ultimately shaping the path leading him to where he is today.

Israel's Tech Leadership 

Israel has risen exceptionally in the tech world. Despite all its challenges, it continues to dominate various sectors, demonstrating remarkable resilience and innovation.

Navigating Anti-Israel Sentiments

Anti-Israeli sentiments continue to prevail worldwide. Hillel finds it paradoxical that countries are calling for boycotts while benefiting from Israeli technology. 

Addressing Misconceptions and Lies 

Hillel passionately challenges the misconceptions and lies surrounding Israel, particularly those propagated by BDS movements. He provides counterarguments to accusations of occupation, genocide, and apartheid, shedding light on the historical context and offering a different perspective.

Personal Tragedy and Advocacy

A Palestinian terrorist murdered Hillel’s brother, Ari. That tragic loss has fueled his commitment to advocating for Israel. Since October 7th, he has been using his platform to educate people and counter misinformation. 

Global Impact and Positivity 

Hillel’s advocacy efforts have reached millions, and he has received messages from people acknowledging a shift in their understanding of Zionism. Despite the ongoing challenges, he remains dedicated to providing accurate information and spreading positivity.

Historical Patterns and Clash of Civilizations

Throughout history, Jewish communities have faced challenges as empires grew stronger. Eric and Hillel view the current Israeli situation as a clash between the Western world and radical Islam.

Tech and AI in Warfare

Modern warfare has evolved. Hillel points out that technology has played a more significant role in the current war than in any previous war. Israel has been using technologies for facial recognition in tunnels and to detect crypto fraud when people transfer money.

Hypocrisy and Contradictions

Hypocrisy and contradictions exist within the anti-Israel narrative. Examples include the simultaneous claims that Palestinians deserve a state while supporting violence against Jews. 

Resilience and Love for Life 

Despite all the challenges, Israelis still maintain their love for life and continue innovating and contributing positively to the world.

The LGBTQ Palestine Contradiction 

Hillel finds it ironic that many LGBTQ individuals support Palestine, considering the dangers faced by LGBTQ individuals in Palestinian territories. 

Maintaining Identity and Connection to Israel 

Hillel advises Jewish people across the world to maintain a connection with Israel. He believes that despite the challenges, Jewish people must continue speaking up and preparing for their return to Israel.

Call to Action and Support 

Hillel remains fully committed to the cause and would welcome the assistance of anyone else willing to contribute in a meaningful way.

Bio: Hillel Fuld

Dubbed Israel's top marketer, Hillel works with leading tech entrepreneurs, investors, and visionaries to accompany them on their journey from idea to revenue.

Hillel's work is published in some of the world's top tech publications including TechCrunch, Venturebeat, Inc, Entrepreneur, The Next Web, Business Insider, and more, bringing Israel's energetic tech scene to life. He collaborates with leading global brands including Google, Oracle, Microsoft, and Nike.

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