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The Business of Meetings

Jun 4, 2024

Today, Eric shares invaluable insights on delegation and personal development, both crucial areas of concern for business owners within our industry aiming to grow their enterprises and refine their management skills. 

Join us as Eric dives into these two essential aspects, offering practical advice on delegating tasks efficiently and investing in your personal growth for sustained business success.

The Benefits of Delegation

Eric recounts how handling every project on his own in his early business days led to burnout and stagnation and hindered the scalability of his business. After hiring help, he saw how all his daily tasks could get done successfully without his constant involvement. That shift allowed him more time to focus on his strengths and strategic activities. 


Eric advises business owners to change their mindsets regarding delegation. He firmly believes that even if others only perform the necessary tasks at 80% of their capability, it will still meet all the customer requirements, allowing the owner more time to spend on higher-value tasks.

Lifelong Learning

Eric believes continuous learning is crucial for business owners to stay relevant in a dynamic business environment. He highlights the importance of continually learning by sharing a story from his academic days, where a professor explained that graduating was just the beginning of lifelong learning. 

Investing in Personal Development 

Eric has noticed how many individuals in the meetings and events industry neglect their personal development. He believes that may be partly due to the culture of receiving free services and opportunities within the industry. He points out that investing in their personal growth through ongoing learning and development will allow business owners to remain adaptable and innovative in an ever-evolving business market.

Coaching, Mentoring, and Educational Programs

Eric encourages business owners to proactively invest in personal growth through coaching, mentoring, and educational programs. By dedicating time and resources to their personal development, they can better adapt to future challenges and opportunities.


Eric encourages all business owners to embrace the principles of delegation and personal development, as they can significantly improve their business operations and personal lives.

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