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The Business of Meetings

Mar 16, 2021

Today, we are happy to be speaking to a well-known world traveler, Sabrina Meyers, from the Hot Hospitality Exchange. Sabrina has worked in different parts of the world, from Singapore to Sydney to London. Now, she is based in Germany. Currently, Sabrina is focusing on social media.

In this episode, you will learn about influencer marketing, how to use social media, create content, and create online visibility.   

Be sure to join us today to hear Sabrina’s fascinating story and learn how to best leverage social media for your online visibility.

Sabrina Meyers’s background

Sabrina Meyers was born in Singapore. She grew up having more exposure to the hospitality industry than the events industry. From a young age, she often traveled with her father, who was a university professor. He used to travel across Southeast Asia, giving conferences on engineering. 

Hotel management

Sabrina loved hotels, so after leaving school, she decided to study hotel management at a private college. After graduation, she moved to Australia to continue her studies and get a degree in hotel management. 

Her first job

After moving to Australia, she got her first job. She became a sales coordinator in hospitality sales, and she loved everything about it!


A while later, she moved to London. She loved it there. She continued with her career in London for the next year, after which she joined The Leading Hotels of the World, a marketing organization. When that came to an end, an opportunity came about for Sabrina to switch sides.

Running events

Sabrina was super interested in events. She always helped out with the running of events for the leading hotels, and she was very interested in the logistics side. Her boss, at the time, started a New York-based agency, and he hired Sabrina to open the London office. That was where her event management and logistics experience began.


Sabrina married a German man, and they decided to move to Germany. After taking a year or two off, she continued with her journey, in Germany, starting with venue sourcing. She was very successful and very lucky with that side of things.

Freelance and social media

Sabrina decided to go freelance and offer event management services. She also continued building up her logistics experience while becoming an early and passionate adopter of social media.


Sabrina got head-hunted by George P. Johnson, an experiential marketing agency, to manage IBM’s European conferences remotely. She later went on to freelance for George P. Johnson and IBM.


In 2017, Sabrina went onto YouTube, looking for someone to follow. She did not manage to find anyone who did what she did, however. So she decided to become that person, and she started making vlogs of all her experiences as an event planner.

Sabrina Meyers creates a specific community

What Sabrina Meyers does with her vlogs is qualified and targeted. There is a specific community of people who will get what she is doing, and it will add value to them when they watch her vlogs.

Social media 

While working, Sabrina was very active on social media. She did lots of vlogging and was active on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Sabrina Meyers’s strategy

Sabrina Meyers’s strategy is to never post the same thing on every channel if she can help it because people take in information differently, on different platforms. She recommends trying to cater and customize your content to the platform that you are using.

No travel, no content

Last year, no traveling meant no content for Sabrina. So, she decided to put all her energy and focus into making her side-hustle, social media strategy, and consulting, specifically for the events, travel, and hospitality industries, her main hustle. 

To stand out

Sabrina explains that to stand out on social media, you need to be shouting louder than everyone else because everyone is on social media right now.

Building an online presence

To build an online presence and visibility, you should block times to check into your platforms every day. The time for you to engage needs to be separate from the time you post because they are two separate things.

How often you should be posting

You should post three times a week on LinkedIn and Instagram. Increase it to four or five times a week, if necessary. You need to be very active and post very often and very regularly on Twitter. You should post two to three times a week on Facebook.

Power platforms 

Sabrina’s power platforms are LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. She uses Clubhouse moderately.


As business owners, you need to adopt the mindset of viewing social media as a marketing channel rather than a chore. To see lots of results, commit some time to create the right content, scheduling that content, and engaging with other people’s content, as well as distributing your own.


Creating content, structuring, planning, and scheduling will take time. That is only a one-time investment per month, however. 


Define your purpose before coming up with the relevant content. Identify what your content pillars are and create the content for those with your purpose in mind. You will need to dedicate ten to fifteen minutes per caption for your content to ensure that it has the right messages, calls to action, and image or video.


Having diversity in your content-type is vital for business owners.

Virtual assistants

Sabrina feels that it is well worth investing in trusted virtual assistants to help you.


You can buy templates from Then, add your brand colors, type something up, and add a photo as a graphic. 

Influencer marketing

An influencer is a trusted voice in a community and industry on specific topics. Find people who influence your local, global, or online community. Bring them in to talk about your niche from the perspective of the kinds of customers you want to have.

Sabrina Meyers’s bio

Sabrina Meyers is the Event Industry’s GO-TO on all things social media and how to effectively use social media to optimize online visibility for your personal and professional brand. 

She is a social media strategist and consultant working with individuals, brands, businesses, and organizations within the global events and hospitality industry. From social media event strategy for events to influencer marketing campaigns to optimizing social media presence for companies, she works on a case by case with clients who want to use their social media channels to raise awareness, build community, increase engagement, drive leads and generate revenue.

With over 16 years of experience in the Events and Hospitality industry, she has worked for big-name brands such as Marriott, Hilton, and The Leading Hotels of the World in sales and marketing roles promoting the most luxurious to the most meeting specific hotels in the world.

She has also worked for reputable event agencies such as George P. Johnson as well as independently as a freelance event planner delivering corporate events globally for clients such as Dow Jones International and IBM. 

She is an event industry vlogger and founder of Hot Hospitality Exchange, her brand where she actively creates online content for, from, and with the event community across a plethora of social media platforms (as expected) from her own YouTube Channel to the newest social kid on the block, Clubhouse.

An experienced industry speaker having spoken at industry trade shows such as IBTM World, Sabrina is also an online event moderator having moderated for global organizations such as EventMB and Swapcard. Be sure to follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and Clubhouse on handle @hothospitalitye and connect with her on LinkedIn.

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